Cleveland Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you or a family member has been arrested or charged with committing a crime, or is dealing with an education law matter, your rights and future are at risk. Margolis & Atzberger, LLC, is a law firm in Cleveland dedicated to providing aggressive and ethical representation to individuals and families who are facing challenging legal situations in Northern Ohio and throughout the state.

Selecting an experienced lawyer is one of the most important decisions you can make when facing an education law or criminal law matter. Experience ensures that attorney understands the entire criminal court process, is familiar with the courts and prosecutors in Cleveland, knows the laws of the state of Ohio and is always informed about the latest court decisions.

Skilled Criminal Defense And Education Law Representation

Attorneys Daniel M. Margolis and Jennifer M. Atzberger know how to protect your rights in municipal, state and federal courts.

  • Daniel M. Margolis is a former Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in Cuyahoga County and has been in private practice as a criminal defense attorney in Ohio for more than 15 years. He has appeared in hundreds of trials and argued cases in dozens of courts.
  • Jennifer M. Atzberger is a former Assistant County Public Defender in Cuyahoga County and has been protecting the rights of Ohio citizens for nearly 15 years. She has brought numerous cases before state and federal courts of appeals, as well as the Supreme Court of Ohio.

Our attorneys pride themselves on their legal experience as well as their local involvement. They are both active in the legal and local communities, speaking to organizations and advocating for children's rights whenever possible.

More and more we have seen cases where juvenile delinquency and other juvenile law matters are overlapping with special education and other education law issues. Since our firm focuses on both criminal and education law matters, we are able to provide clients with representation in both when the issues intersect. This unique ability allows us to protect our clients and their children more effectively.

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