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Learn About the Juvenile Delinquency Process

Ohio juvenile law is a highly specialized area of criminal defense. State laws provide standards for juveniles and make specific requirements of police and prosecutors. The juvenile justice system can be confusing and fraught with danger for your child. If your child is under investigation or arrested for a crime, do not try to handle the matter on your own. It is imperative that you contact a knowledgeable attorney. At The Law Office of Daniel M. Margolis, LLC, our Cleveland juvenile delinquency lawyer understands juvenile rights and how to ensure they are not violated.

Strong Advocate For Children & Their Families

Our firm has extensive knowledge regarding how and when police can stop, search, and interrogate juveniles and when parents must be notified and be present. We have the know-how to restrict evidence obtained improperly and work to reduce sentences and probation time.

Our firm's experience in the Ohio juvenile court system is significant. We regularly represent children in juvenile delinquency proceedings in Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court and in juvenile courts across the state. We have tried hundreds of cases, including bindover cases and are considered a leading authority on juvenile law in Northeast Ohio.

Exceptional Representation at Juvenile Bindover Hearings

When the state transfers or attempts to transfer a child out of the juvenile system under Ohio's Juvenile Bindover Law to be tried as an adult, we represent the child at bindover and amenability hearings. We are dedicated to providing a concrete defense if a transfer is ordered.

Our firm represents juveniles facing any charges, as well as:

  • Appeals
  • Sealing and expunging juvenile records
  • Trial as an adult
  • Serious youthful offender status
  • Probation violations

Let Us Protect Your Child's Constitutional Rights

If your child faces delinquency charges in Ohio, you must act quickly. The outcome of the case may depend on how quickly a skilled Cleveland juvenile defense attorney intervenes.

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