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2 People in Ohio Indicted on Unrelated Drug Felonies

January 1, 2016 | Written by Dan Margolis

An investigation led by Ohio authorities resulted in the arrest of two. Both are currently facing felonies involving allegations that they engaged in various drug-related activities, although the two are not believed to have participated in any joint efforts. Additionally, one of the individuals is believed to have used his business as a false front for running a trafficking operation.

One is the 40-year-old owner of an area auto repair shop where police say many of the alleged drug transactions took place. His indictment claims that he traded auto work for prescription medication, and that he used funds from the jobs that he was paid for to purchase additional prescription drugs. After allegedly making multiple prescription drug sales to various undercover officers, he was arrested. A subsequent search of his business apparently turned up more prescription medication.

The second indictment involves a 35-year-old woman who could potentially face nearly five years behind bars. Police believe that she planted prescription medication in an elevator shortly before her husband — an inmate of the state — was escorted in on his way to court. The husband never actually retrieved this medication. Instead, the escorting officer noticed the medication after it fell to the floor of the elevator.

Drug charges are handled quite seriously by the Ohio court system, with convictions for related felonies generally fetching lengthy prison sentences and exceptionally steep fines. In most instances, defendants can greatly benefit from attending to defense concerns and strategies in as timely a manner as possible. However, during this period of time, each and every defendant is still presumed innocent in the eyes of the law with access to all of his or her rights and protections, which must be maintained and upheld throughout the entirety of all criminal court proceedings.

Source:, “Two Indicted on Drug Charges in Perry County“, Josh Overholser, Dec. 23, 2015

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