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Will Disorderly Conduct Charges Affect Your Child’s Future?

In Ohio, disorderly conduct is a standard charge for those making noise, fighting, or acting in a way that disturbs the public. Because police often target children, teens, and young adults with catch-all charges like disorderly conduct, many Ohio parents are left wondering whether disorderly…

March 23, 2021 Read More

10 Types of Ohio Workplace Theft & Embezzlement

Theft in the workplace is widespread. While workplace theft can range from minor supply theft to million-dollar embezzlement schemes, one thing is sure: Being charged with workplace theft is serious. Depending on the nature of the charge, you face time behind bars and thousands in…

March 4, 2021 Read More

Can You Reduce a Violent Felony to a Misdemeanor?

The Ohio criminal justice system is segregated into misdemeanor and felony offenses, with the latter charges being the most serious. Felonies, even violent ones, can be reduced to misdemeanors in some cases, and your chances of success with that increase when you engage an experienced…

August 20, 2020 Read More

Defending Yourself Against Arson for Insurance Fraud

A fire destroys your business, home, or other property. You file an insurance claim and await your check for the damage. But something goes wrong. Instead of settling, the insurance company launches an arson investigation. Now you need experienced Cleveland arson attorney Daniel M. Margolis….

July 11, 2020 Read More

How is Bullying Disciplined in Ohio

Bullying is unacceptable. But so is the denial of your child’s rights. Under pressure from state and federal authorities, local school administrators are putting in new and harsher policies to stop bullying in place. These policies may result in some innocent children getting punished for…

May 7, 2020 Read More

Cleveland Child Pornography Investigations

Authorities spare no expense on Cleveland child pornography investigations. Many of these cases stem from the Ohio Internet Crimes Against Children task force. The task force’s mission is to coordinate between federal law enforcement, the state police, and local departments to identify, arrest, and prosecute…

April 17, 2020 Read More

Should You Contact a Lawyer for an Expulsion Hearing

Few things are as important as your child’s education. If an expulsion or suspension threatens your child’s education, you will want to fight back. Although an attorney cannot represent your child at the initial expulsion hearing, having sound legal advice can lead to a favorable…

February 20, 2020 Read More

Are Domestic Violence Arrests Mandatory in Cleveland?

When the police respond to a Cleveland domestic violence call, they don’t have to make an arrest. But they often do. This is because Ohio law tasks police to make an arrest if they see evidence of domestic violence or if someone’s safety is at…

February 20, 2020 Read More

Ohio Credit Card Fraud and Penalties

The penalties for credit card fraud in Ohio are severe. Depending on the facts, a prosecutor may charge you with misuse of credit card, identity fraud, or both. If either offense involved an elderly or disabled victim, or if the value taken was over $1,000…

February 20, 2020 Read More
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