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Ohio Law Guarantees Post-Conviction DNA Tests

Many people were convicted of a crime years, if not decades, before DNA evidence became a common part of criminal investigations. We have all seen many stories of people exonerated of homicide or other crimes thanks to a DNA test — after spending half their…

July 1, 2015 Read More

False Assault Accusation Puts Ohio Man in Jail for 28 Days

Accusations of violent crime can lead to arrest and lengthy incarceration before the accused has the chance to contest the charges in court. The wheels of justice often turn slowly, even when the claims against the suspect are dubious or outright false. Thus, an Ohio…

June 15, 2015 Read More

Ohio Residents Have the Right to Self-Defense in Many Cases

State and federal law prohibits most types of violence one person might commit against another, and severely punishes those who cause physical harm. However, there are exceptions to this rule, self-defense being one of the most important. As a society, we accept that individuals have…

June 12, 2015 Read More

Types of Images That Can Lead to Child Pornography Charges

Everyone knows that local and federal authorities are highly aggressive when it comes to arresting and prosecuting those accused of possessing child pornography. What some readers might not understand is the scope of what is considered to be forbidden images. For instance, most already know…

May 28, 2015 Read More

Cleveland Promises Police Reform After Justice Dept. Report

Our criminal justice system is based on a set a rules and procedures meant to limit police power and protect individual rights while officers enforce the law. Unfortunately, police departments do not always follow the rules. Sometimes, they violate suspects’ Constitutional protections against cruel and…

May 26, 2015 Read More
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