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Reforms Needed in Cuyahoga Juvenile Detention Center

Juvenile detention centers have a few purposes. First and foremost, they remove dangerous juveniles from the community. Second, they provide an opportunity for rehabilitation. While an adult prison focuses on punishment, juvenile facilities are intended to identify what each juvenile offender needs and how they…

November 8, 2018 Read More

Most Common Casino Crimes in 2017

Casinos are immensely popular around Cleveland and can be profitable forms for entertainment. However, they are also ideal environments for criminal activity. This includes typical offenses, like theft and assault, but also some crimes that are specific to casinos, like violating the Voluntary Exclusion Program…

October 30, 2018 Read More

How Drug Convictions Affect Financial Aid

If you were convicted of a drug offense in Ohio, you might have heard this can impact your financial aid. In reality, this will largely depend on the facts of your situation. If you have questions about paying for college after a drug conviction, contact…

October 15, 2018 Read More

Threats & Criminal Charges Increase After Florida School Shooting

In the aftermath of the Parkland, Florida school shooting where 17 people were killed, several schools in Ohio have also received threats of violence. You may be wondering what kind of criminal charges can arise from school threats. Among other serious crimes, making terroristic threats…

February 28, 2018 Read More

Ohio Amendment Expands Crime Victims’ Rights

As a result of a recent statewide referendum, crime victims in Ohio now have new rights and protections available to them. Issue 1, also referred to as “Marsy’s Law,” received over 82 percent of the vote during the 2017 election. The law garnered significant support…

December 20, 2017 Read More

New Bill to Stop Suspensions for Elementary Students

The Ohio Senate plans to introduce a bill that will gradually eliminate the majority of suspensions for elementary students in the third grade and below, including preschool. According to the proposed bill championed by Republican State Senator Peggy Lehner, elementary schools in Ohio would be…

December 13, 2017 Read More

Death Sentences May Be Dependent on Prosecutors

Ohio has seen a steady decline in the number of death sentences handed down in recent years. This is largely due to a decline in the number of requests for death sentences by prosecutors, according to the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. From 2012…

December 6, 2016 Read More

A Rise in Sexual Assault on College Campuses Causes Concern

Ohio is rich in colleges and universities, and home to some of the country’s best-known schools, such as the Ohio State University. However, statistics are indicating that sexual assaults are on the rise with campuses reporting more incidents than in past years. According to 10tv,…

November 29, 2016 Read More
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