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State’s New White Collar Crime Registry Draws Criticism

A charge concerning a white collar crime comes with several penalties upon conviction. These penalties include prison sentences, court fines and orders of restitution to any alleged victims. However, one state’s action of creating a white collar crime offender registry could influence lawmakers in Ohio…

April 20, 2016 Read More

Sex Offender Registration: Classification Tiers in Ohio

The laws regarding registering as a sex offender in Ohio vary depending on many different factors. The main determining factors include the crime for which a person was found guilty, the ages of the victim and perpetrator, and the classification of the criminal offense. According…

April 14, 2016 Read More

The Role of Jury Selection in Due Process

Several amendments to the Constitution set the foundation for due process to be properly served in Ohio and around the country. One essential component of due process is an impartial jury, which can only happen through rigorous jury selection. Laws between states may be different,…

April 6, 2016 Read More

Understanding the Facts About Cyberbullying

Over the past decade, people have become more aware of cyberbullying, but for some, it can be difficult to know when teasing or negative interaction takes the leap to the crime of cyberbullying in Ohio and the rest of the country. Cyberbullying is when someone…

March 24, 2016 Read More

Executives May Be Held Responsible for Corporate Crimes

A recent memo has recently been issued from the office of Deputy Attorney General Sally Q. Yates. The memo issued policy changes for Ohio and the rest of the country that will essentially place the focus of criminal investigations relating to corporate fraud on executives…

March 17, 2016 Read More

What You Should Know About Affirmative Consent

In the past few years, a great deal of attention has been brought to rapes and other sexual crimes that allegedly occur on college campuses. This has led to a movement to institute affirmative consent laws around the country, including in Ohio. A survey by…

March 10, 2016 Read More

Cleveland Man Freed Due to Corrupt Cops’ Actions

A case out of East Cleveland demonstrates how, in the criminal justice system, illegal police procedure leads to evidence getting thrown out of court. To prevent abuse of power, police officers are expected to follow clearly laid out procedures when investigating or arresting a suspect….

March 1, 2016 Read More

Ohio Lawmakers May Strengthen Punishment for Heroin Possession

These days, more and more experts and lawmakers are moving toward considering reducing harsh prison sentences for low-level drug offenses. Many agree that things like mandatory minimum sentences do little to deal with drug addiction and have led to massive overcrowding in U.S. prisons. But…

February 24, 2016 Read More

Alleged $4 Million Scam Involving Food Stamps Ends in 3 Arrests

According to a grand jury in Cleveland, Ohio, there was enough evidence to convince them that three brothers have been running a scam involving food stamps for the last 12 years. According to federal prosecutors, the three brothers, ages 49, 52 and 53, would exchange…

February 18, 2016 Read More
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