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Sexting & Ohio’s Minors

Any parent of a teenager with a cellphone knows how much young people like to take photos and videos of themselves. Most of these images and videos are innocent, but some of them are more intimate. It is not uncommon for teens who are dating…

February 9, 2016 Read More

Obama to Limit Solitary Confinement in Federal Prisons

The use of solitary confinement is widespread in America’s prisons, including here in Ohio. It is often used as a security measure or as punishment, but critics say overuse of confining prisoners in tiny cells with virtually no human contact violates the Constitution’s Eighth Amendment….

February 2, 2016 Read More

Possible Felonies in Future for Man Accused of Officer’s Death

The discovery of an Ohio police officer’s death prompted an investigation that local authorities say led them to the suspect. Although he has not been charged with the officer’s death just yet, he is currently accused of violating conditions of his recent prison release. Any…

January 22, 2016 Read More

Can Police Search My Car Without a Warrant?

In our last post, we discussed the Fourth Amendment’s search warrant requirement and its relation to our expectations of privacy from government intrusion. As we said then, whether police must obtain a search warrant often depends on the location or object to be searched. For…

January 13, 2016 Read More

When Is Our Privacy Safe From a Warrantless Police Search?

Thanks to the Bill of Rights, and the Fourth Amendment specifically, Americans are protected from “unreasonable searches and seizures” of their “persons, houses, papers and effects” by government agents. Note that the amendment does not prohibit all police searches and seizures. Instead, it constricts the…

January 4, 2016 Read More

2 People in Ohio Indicted on Unrelated Drug Felonies

An investigation led by Ohio authorities resulted in the arrest of two. Both are currently facing felonies involving allegations that they engaged in various drug-related activities, although the two are not believed to have participated in any joint efforts. Additionally, one of the individuals is…

January 1, 2016 Read More

Cleveland Judge Retires in Disciplinary Plea Bargain

In a criminal trial, the judge is supposed to be impartial, both in how he or she interprets the law and in his or her behavior. An unprofessional or unethical judge can deprive the defendant of his or her constitutional rights, making a mockery of…

December 23, 2015 Read More

Ohio Lawmakers Move to Outlaw Certain Uses of Drones

When a new technology hits the marketplace, the law may find itself behind the times. An outdated law may not be able to deal with a new device’s uses, and potential for causing harm. Drones, those remote-controlled miniature helicopters, are now available for purchase in…

December 3, 2015 Read More

Ohio Man Not Guilty of Attempted Murder in Domestic Assault

What police once believed was a domestic violence incident with both parties at fault later turned into an attempted murder charge against one of the suspects. In the end, though, the jury appears to have decided that the authorities were closer to the truth the…

November 25, 2015 Read More
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