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Government Entrapment Can Lead to Unjust Sex Crime Charges

Police officers are not always easily identifiable by a uniform and badge. Sometimes, the person encouraging you to commit a crime may be a cop, or working with the police. Undercover sting operations are a regular part of police work in Ohio, especially when it…

November 16, 2015 Read More

ACLU Criticizes Ohio Jails for Charging Fees to Inmates

We say that someone who completes a criminal sentence behind bars has paid his or her debt to society. But in many parts of Ohio, once a prisoner is released, he or she is expected to begin paying a literal debt, one that can stretch…

November 11, 2015 Read More

Criminal Trespassing Explained

There are criminal charges that may not be as serious as violent crimes or other felonies, but yet can lead to significant criminal penalties. Trespassing is one such charge. Legally, there are actually two types of trespassing: criminal and civil. As the names suggest, civil…

November 4, 2015 Read More

Cyberbullying: The Effects

Many people may dismiss the impact of cyberbullying on children, stating that it will make them stronger. However, the truth is that this type of harassment has a serious effect on their mental and emotional health. Cyberbullying is something that may affect 25 percent of…

November 2, 2015 Read More

What Is Arson?

When there is a fire that authorities deem suspicious, they call it an act of arson. How does the law define kidnapping, and what motivates this unusual crime? Arson is the intentional and malicious burning or charring of property. A building can be damaged, but…

October 30, 2015 Read More

Special Committee to Propose Reforms to Ohio’s Criminal Code

A panel that could change the way Ohio deals with crime began work earlier this year. The Criminal Justice Recodification Committee, a group of 24 state lawmakers, prosecutors, judges, corrections officials, and members of the public, has been tasked with revising the state’s criminal code….

September 29, 2015 Read More

The Difference Between Assault & Battery Charges

Just as a confrontation can quickly spin out of control, so too can assault and battery charges ramp up, depending on what police and prosecutors claim happened. Aggravating factors can lead to felony charges, which could mean years in prison if you are convicted. The…

September 16, 2015 Read More
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