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Charges Dropped Against Woman Who Killed Husband Trying to Escape

October 20, 2015 | Written by Dan Margolis

Back in June, we discussed self-defense, the affirmative defense that can be invoked when someone is charged with a violent crime. As we discussed then, a person who was reasonably afraid that he or she was facing an imminent threat of harm has the right to use force to defend him- or herself from that harm.

It is not clear if prosecutors thought that a woman charged with homicide in the death of her husband had a strong case for a self-defense claim. What we do know is that they have dropped all charges, at least for now.

According to WKBN-TV, the woman’s daughter called 911 to report that her mother was being beaten by her father. The woman attempted to escape her husband in her car, fatally running him over in the process.

After initially charging the woman with reckless homicide and aggravated vehicular homicide, prosecutors recently announced they were dropping the charges nolle prosequi, which means they are admitting they do not currently have enough evidence. However, the investigation is ongoing, and prosecutors have the right to refile the charges later.

The case has led Ohio lawmakers to review protections for domestic violence victims, WKBN reports. What exactly those potential plans to change the law might be is not clear from the news article.

Violence should be a last resort, and only to defend yourself or someone else from imminent attack. But this is a valid use of force, and should not lead to a prison term or other penalties.

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