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Cleveland Child Pornography Investigations

Cleveland Child Pornography Investigations
April 17, 2020 | Written by Dan Margolis

Authorities spare no expense on Cleveland child pornography investigations. Many of these cases stem from the Ohio Internet Crimes Against Children task force. The task force’s mission is to coordinate between federal law enforcement, the state police, and local departments to identify, arrest, and prosecute anyone suspected of child pornography.

Unfortunately, this mission sometimes results in misidentification and unfounded charges. At the Law Offices of Daniel M. Margolis, our mission is to ensure that anyone accused of producing or possessing child pornography receives the strongest defense possible.

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Online Child Porn Stings in Ohio

A child pornography case can arise from a variety of situations. But law enforcement generally focuses on scenarios where a suspect uses the internet to lure minors into sexting or sharing nude photos and videos.

One of the most common and effective tactics the police employ is to pose as a minor on social media and “play along” with the suspect’s advances. The police also regularly act on tips from concerned parents, teachers, or anyone who has allegedly observed a criminal conduct.

Once the police gather enough evidence, they will arrest the suspect and seize their electronic devices. This includes laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. In addition, the police may obtain a search warrant for anywhere they believe incriminating evidence may be. The police even have trained dogs to detect hidden electronics.

Ohio Child Porn Indictments

A Cuyahoga County grand jury must then issue an indictment to authorize prosecution for felony child pornography charges.

During this proceeding, the prosecutor presents evidence to a panel of citizens, who must decide whether there is enough evidence to plausibly show that you committed a crime. If the prosecutor demonstrates probable cause, the grand jury will issue an indictment.

Child Porn Suspects Face Unique Risks

In the meantime, the police will usually book child porn suspects in the county jail where the charges will be prosecuted. In Cleveland, suspects are typically sent to Cuyahoga County Jail, where Sheriff Schilling has a policy of isolating child porn and sex crime suspects. Some suspects are also kept under suicide watch, with guards regularly checking the cell and keeping a log of their observations.

The next step after a child porn arrest is the initial hearing. This is where a judge will set bail and inform you of the charges.

An experienced defense attorney can significantly make a difference at this stage. If the initial bail amount is too high, a lawyer can start proceedings to have it lowered. However, if released on bail, a defendant may have to wear a GPS ankle monitor depending on the circumstances.

Early Intervention Is Critical: Call Attorney Margolis Today

When the prosecution is charging you with sexual misconduct against a minor, the stakes couldn’t be higher. At the Law Offices of Daniel M. Margolis, we built our reputation on obtaining positive results in high stakes cases. If you are being investigated or already charged with a child pornography offense, let attorney Margolis help.

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