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Criminal Defense Overview

Skilled Attorney Building A Strong Defense Against Criminal Charges

At The Law Office of Daniel M. Margolis, LLC we understand how intimidating the process of being arrested, cuffed, fingerprinted and charged can be. But that is only the beginning. Attorney Daniel M. Margolis will take the time to hear your side of the story, explain the charges against you and counsel you regarding the best approach to your defense strategy based on the circumstances surrounding your alleged crime.

Our Cleveland criminal defense attorney practice is focused on protecting our client’s constitutional rights. We can help you understand your rights and safeguard them at all stages in the criminal defense process.

Defense From a Former Prosecutor

Prosecutors and criminal defense lawyers are ruled by the federal, state and local laws pertaining to a criminal case. Numerous criminal laws and procedures dictate how cases are prosecuted and defended in state and district courts.

  • Substantive laws — such as drug, assault and homicide statutes — define crimes and outline possible penalties.
  • Procedural laws shape the legal process that courts and counsel must follow before and during trial and sentencing, and on appeal.

Cases We Handle

  • Sex crimes: We confidently handle a wide range of sex-related crimes, including sexual assault and rape, prostitution and solicitation, Internet and computer-related sex crimes, sexting and child pornography, and unlawful sex with a minor.
  • Juvenile delinquency: Our Cleveland criminal defense attorney is highly knowledgeable of all laws that apply to juveniles in Ohio, and can represent your child in juvenile court in matters such as bindover cases (the transfer of jurisdiction to adult court), school-related criminal charges and general juvenile law charges.
  • Arson: If you are accused of intentionally setting a fire that caused damage, our firm can aggressively defend you against any arson charges and potential punishments that may result. Attorney Daniel M. Margolis is a former firefighter and former arson prosecutor, which gives him an insight into defending arson cases that many other defense lawyers do not have.
  • Violent crimes: The penalties for a conviction on a violent crime charge are severe. We confidently represent clients in all levels of assault charges, accusations of domestic violence and spousal abuse, and homicide (murder) charges.
  • Property crimes: Some property crimes, such as shoplifting or petty theft, may be charged as misdemeanors. Others, such as burglary, may be considered a felony. We can represent you in either situation and stand up for your rights.
  • Traffic offenses: While traffic citations may seem minor, you are able to fight speeding tickets and other traffic tickets you may have received in order to keep your record clean and maintain your driver’s license.

When should I hire an attorney?

The best time to contact a criminal defense lawyer in Cleveland, if possible, is when first being investigated. When brought into a case early on, we can advocate for you with the detective or prosecutor, challenge the admission of evidence and move for case dismissal. It is important to remember that as a suspect or an accused, you have no personal credibility with law enforcement, the prosecution or the courts. Your attorney, on the other hand, is a respected member of the court. This is why it is most important to exercise your right to remain silent until you have had the opportunity to consult with your attorney.

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