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Cyberbullying: The Effects

November 2, 2015 | Written by Dan Margolis

Many people may dismiss the impact of cyberbullying on children, stating that it will make them stronger. However, the truth is that this type of harassment has a serious effect on their mental and emotional health. Cyberbullying is something that may affect 25 percent of school-aged children in Ohio and the United States, according to CNN.

The most common result of such behavior for those who are bullied is skipping school or trying to get out of going, which leads to attendance problems. Also, it may increase suicidal thoughts in victims. Those being bullied may suffer lasting psychological effects, such as anxiety, and develop phobias, like agoraphobia, that affect their lives for years to come.

According to, other contributing factors can play a role in the effects of harassment on a child. For example, if the child lives in an environment where there is no support from the school, other children or even the parents, the addition of bullying can heighten the risk that the child could engage in self-harm. Harassment has also been connected to lower performance in school and the emerging of physical ailments. Even more alarming, is what has been seen in some school shooting cases where children who have been bullied react with violent behavior. Those who are just witnesses to the mistreatment of others can also be affected. They may develop issues with school attendance, substance abuse and psychological problems.

For those engaging in these bullying behaviors, they may be more likely to carry on these actions as they get older, which can lead to criminal problems. In addition, they are often more likely to have issues with drugs and alcohol; drop out of school; and participate in risky activities, such as sexual activity at a young age. The long-lasting effects of cyberbullying cannot be ignored.

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