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Being charged with academic dishonesty can be a life changing accusation that will haunt you for the rest of your life. Not only will it impact your immediate academic career, it will also negatively affect your future career and professional prospects, as this charge will permanently stay on your record for years to come. Successfully fighting against these charges with the help of a strong-minded and aggressive Cleveland education law attorney is essential if you want to ensure your future is protected.

If you have been accused of academic dishonesty, follow these tips before doing anything else:

  • Keep quiet until you obtain a lawyer – When accused, many students believe it is best to approach their teacher or professor. They either become incredibly confrontational with the professor, leaning towards threatening, or they accidentally incriminate themselves with an offhand comment they don’t realize will implicate them later.
  • Read your school’s handbook – Each school has a code they ask all students to abide by, and it includes a section on academic dishonesty. Many administrators don’t expect students to read this handbook and thus shortchange the student. However, if you’ve read the handbook, you are more likely to be aware if the school isn’t following their own policies.
  • Don’t listen to what they tell you – If a professor, counselor, or administrator tells you to just admit to what you did and you won’t face any consequences, don’t listen to them. This may be the smoking gun they’ve been looking for in implicating you.

Some schools have an honor code or code of conduct, which students are expected to follow upon accepting admission. This code will generally include information about academic dishonesty and university wide policies, if these policies are in any way violated, students will likely be subjected to a hearing in which their penalties and status are decided upon. It is at this time you will need to enlist in an experienced Cleveland education law attorney who will diligently fight for you.

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At the Law Office of Daniel Margolis, LLC, we strive to help students of all walks of life earn an education without baseless accusations preventing them from gradating as they deserve. If you or a loved one has been accused of academic dishonesty and you are in need of a lawyer who isn’t afraid to face down your educational institution against such a serious allegation, look no further than our Cleveland education law attorneys at the Law Office of Daniel Margolis, LLC.

We believe in protecting innocent students who are in sudden fear of losing their futures due to a mistake or false allegation, as being accused of any kind of academic dishonesty is one of the worst things to happen to any student. Don’t let everything you’ve worked for go to waste–let us advocate on your behalf and fight to clear your name and reputation.

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