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Dress Code Violations in Public Schools

Representing School-Related Disputes

When it comes to the rights of students to express themselves freely in school, dress codes can prove a very gray area. Some schools require their students to wear uniforms, and some schools have the power to ban certain types of clothing due to safety concerns. If a legal dispute has arisen with regard to the type of clothing your child wears, you should consider contacting a skilled Cleveland education attorney from The Law Office of Daniel M. Margolis, LLC.

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Can Ohio Public Schools Enforce Dress Codes?

Schools have the power to maintain order in their facility in a variety of different ways. This power legally extends to allowing a dress code in their school. Schools often take advantage of extremely broad discretion in setting such dress codes. Dress codes have long been a common fact of life in private schools and are becoming more and more common in public and charter schools.

Understanding the Reasons for Dress Codes

Dress codes are allowed if the school reasonably believes your child’s clothing might distract or lead to conflicts between students. Even clothing that carries a positive statement, such as “Support World Peace” can be banned if the school feels it could lead to disruptions in school. However, schools cannot violate the First Amendment by allowing some student speech and banning others based solely on the message being conveyed if the message is not disruptive.

Dress codes can be designed for a variety of reasons, including to:

  • Minimize distractions
  • Prevent students from indicating a gang affiliation
  • Bar clothing or other items that pose a safety risk

Upholding the First Amendment Rights of Students

When a school enforces a certain dress code uniformly, there may be little you can do. However, if you need help with a legal issue regarding any aspect of your child’s education, from a violation of his or her First Amendment rights to corporal punishment, you may want to consult with an Ohio student defense attorney who focuses on practicing education law. Our Cleveland education lawyer has nearly 20 years of experience assisting parents and students in Ohio with complex school-related legal matters.

Dress codes are a controversial topic in many school districts. Our highly experienced and respected attorney for school dress code violations understands the ins and outs of dress codes and how they impact the First Amendment rights of students.

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