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Filing School Complaints & Procedures

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Do you have a serious problem with your school that goes beyond what an administrator or principal can handle? Sometimes all the meetings, phone calls, emails, and heartfelt discussions with school administrators are simply not going to fix your problem. You may feel like giving up entirely, but a lawsuit may be the only real option when the matter involves obtaining the best possible education for your child. If you need help successfully filing a complaint or suing a school district, our Cleveland education attorney at The Law Office of Daniel M. Margolis, LLC can help.

When Can I Sue a School District in Ohio?

Our Cleveland education lawyer knows that filing a lawsuit against a school district and filing complaints to the Department of Education are no trivial matters. Fortunately, our extensive experience in the field of education law has given us the experience and knowledge to handle even the most complicated cases.

Teachers, parents, and families may be able to sue a school district in Ohio under certain circumstances, such as:

  • Improper expulsion of a student, but only after they fail to prevent expulsion via the administrative appeals process.
  • Injury to you or your child on school grounds or during school activities.
  • Failure to provide adequate supervision if a child is injured by a condition that proper supervision would have prevented.
  • Failure to provide FAPE (free appropriate public education).
  • Sexual misconduct, such as when a teacher or school employee engages in sexual misconduct with a student.
  • Discrimination against a protected group in either admissions or hiring practices.
  • Excessive punishment, such as when a school punishes your child unreasonably, either physically or emotionally.

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Our Ohio education law attorney is the most experienced and respected child rights and education law advocates in Ohio. We understand that no one wants to pursue litigation against a school district, but that it is sometimes the only option.

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