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Discipline for Students with IEPS & 504 Plans

Assistance & Guidance from an Experienced Education Law Attorney

When a child with special needs requires specific action plans in school, it can be difficult for parents to ensure the plans are properly composed and in place. The best way in which to secure a comprehensive and effective IEP (individualized education program) or a 504 plan is with the help of an experienced education law lawyer at The Law Office of Daniel M. Margolis, LLC.

Our Cleveland education lawyer can assist with all aspects of education law pertaining to the establishment and creation of IEPs and 504 plans, including helping you understand how to request that your child be evaluated and seeking amendments to previously created plans. Our focus is on your child’s academic success and well-being.

What Is An IEP?

An individualized education program (IEP) is a legal document that is created in order to set out a plan for a legally disabled child to get the individualized, specialized and specific instruction, guidance and services that he or she needs in an elementary or secondary school. IEPs are to be reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure that the services and instruction are meeting the child’s needs.

What Is A 504 Plan?

A 504 plan is created for a child who has a disability that interferes with a major life activity. This plan ensures that the child receives equal and appropriate elementary or secondary educational accommodations to support his or her success and access to the classroom. Students who have only a 504 plan may not need specific, focused instruction like students who have an IEP in addition to a 504 plan. However, a 504 plan should be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure the student’s needs are still being properly met.

The 504 plan helps to ensure that the disabled child receives the accommodations and education that he or she needs. In order to put this type of plan in place, the child must have a disability that qualifies under the law, and the child must be attending an elementary or secondary educational institution.

Let Us Help You Get What Your Child Needs In School

Anything you can do to help your child should be done. Our Cleveland education law attorney can help you in securing all of the accommodations and plans that are required by law.

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