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School to Prison Pipeline

Resolving Complex Criminal Charges in Schools

In the past, fights and other incidents at school were dealt with by the educators and staff at that school. Students were disciplined within the school. In the last several years, the advent of the “zero tolerance” approach to discipline has started to change the way school issues are handled.

At The Law Office of Daniel M. Margolis, LLC, our Cleveland criminal defense lawyer believes it is time to put a stop to the school to prison pipeline. We have a unique background and perspective that allow us to look at the issue of school discipline from a holistic point of view.

Representing School Issues Carrying Criminal Penalties

School incidents are frequently becoming larger issues, sometimes involving police and leading to criminal charges. This is sometimes referred to as the “school to prison pipeline,” as students are finding themselves incarcerated for their actions at school. Sending minors to prison or a juvenile detention center is not always the answer.

Our Ohio student defense attorney is able to address both the criminal law and suspension or expulsion issues that arise, as well as identifying any underlying special education issues that may need to be addressed.

Types of Actionable Situations we Handle

We strive to keep children in school after an incident has occurred. Education is essential to success, and it is important to us that all available options be considered when attempting to resolve any criminal charges or school removals that a child is facing.

Many of the situations that occur that lead to criminal charges involve fights or drugs, such as:

  • A fight between students, an assault of a teacher, or physically harming a staff member can become a formal assault charge.
  • Drugs found in a locker, on a student, or in a car can become drug possession and other drug-related charges.
  • Students who are found to be in possession of anything that can be considered a weapon may also be facing criminal charges.

Though actual situations arise that require police intervention and potential charges, overreactions occur and children suffer as a result. Our goal is to see that any charges that are filed are appropriate for the situation. If they are deemed appropriate, we can fight those charges on behalf of you and your child to see that punishments are minimized. In the case that the charges are not appropriate, we can work to secure a dismissal of the charges whenever possible.

Dealing With the Underlying Issues

In many instances, minors who may be at risk for being criminally charged due to their actions are struggling due to many other reasons. Behavioral issues, undiagnosed disabilities, and personal situations may contribute to the situation that occurred. It is essential that any contributing issues be addressed in order for the child to have the potential for success in the future. Once charges have been filed, the school may not be looking out for your child, but we are.

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