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Seclusion & Restraint

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Physical abuse in schools is unacceptable. The family of any child who suffers such abuse is entitled to legal redress against the school and district involved. Even in cases of physical restraint in schools, which is sometimes necessary in extreme situations, schools must follow established guidelines and can be held accountable if they do not.

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Corporal Punishment In Ohio Schools

In 2009, Ohio became the 30th state to ban all corporal punishment in public schools. In legal terms, corporal punishment includes:

  • Hitting any part of the student
  • Slapping or pinching
  • Forcing a student to kneel on a hard surface
  • Shaking a student

The ban does not extend to private schools.

Child Restraint In School

If your child suffers corporal punishment while under the supervision of an Ohio public school, it is in your best interests to speak to an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. While corporal punishment is illegal, in some cases, restraining a student is not.

Ohio law limits seclusion and restraint to only the most extreme circumstances, and requires that staff be trained in proper use of restraint. Seclusion is limited to safe and appropriate rooms that are monitored by adults who are using the room as a de-escalation technique, NOT as a form of discipline. Even at such times, though, schools must follow specific guidelines to ensure they do not misuse child restraints or seclusion rooms.

Improperly restraining special needs children can be an issue in public schools. Schools must be careful not to discriminate against children with special needs in any regard, or they may be guilty of violating federal law.

Retain Legal Help To Address Matters Of Physical Abuse In Schools

Every parent wants the absolute best for his or her child. Ohio student defense attorney Daniel M. Margolis understands how to leverage education laws in Ohio to help achieve that goal. Our Cleveland education law attorney is located just a few blocks from the Cuyahoga County Justice Center in Cleveland.

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