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Students Rights in Schools

Defending The Rights Of Students In Ohio

Civil rights cases are complex, but they grow even more so when students and minors are involved. Schools and colleges can prove defensive when such matters arise. Whether the student attends a public or private school is a key issue in such cases. And in cases involving minors, the civil rights of both the child and the parents may be at stake. Fortunately, our Cleveland education law attorney can assist you.

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K-12 Students’ Rights Cases

No parent wants to hire a lawyer to fight for the rights of his or her child, but it is sometimes unavoidable. Ohio education lawyer Daniel M. Margolis has years of experience trying cases of school rights law in Ohio and understands that children involved in such cases need protection. If the dispute has reached the point of litigation, then the child is most likely dealing with an emotionally charged situation day in and day out. For these and other reasons, matters of student rights must be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Civil rights cases involving students at the K-12 level include matters such as:

  • The school failing to adhere to federal law
  • A student being treated differently due to a disability
  • Unreasonable searches of a student’s person
  • Using illegal seclusion or restraint of a child for discipline
  • The school failing to stop bullying behavior
  • Suspensions and other disciplinary actions

Questions of private school student rights in Ohio can prove even more complicated. Some private schools are held to a different legal standard than their public counterparts. However, if a school receives any federal funds, it is subject to the federal statutes that prohibit discrimination by a federal fund recipient.

College Students

Expulsion from college can ruin the educational — and even professional — career of a student. Any college student who faces an unfair or illegal expulsion has the right to initiate a legal battle to reverse the expulsion. Universities and colleges do not always apply their own rules correctly or consistently, and you owe it to yourself to defend your reputation, education and future to the maximum extent possible.

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