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Students with ADHD

Is Your Student Getting the Accommodations They Need for Their ADHD?

When a student is struggling in school, it is especially important that he or she be evaluated by a professional. One diagnosis that has emerged in thousands of students is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Students who have ADHD often find it challenging to succeed in school due to the nature of their condition, especially when proper accommodations are not being made for them.

We at The Law Office of Daniel M. Margolis, LLC are firm in our belief that every child can succeed in the classroom. Cleveland education lawyer Daniel M. Margolis is highly knowledgeable in the Ohio education laws, as well as federal education laws, and can use these laws to your child’s advantage. ADHD should not be a barrier to an education. While it may present a challenge, there are resources available that can make your child’s time at school more productive.

What Is ADHD?

ADHD is a disorder that is characterized by the need to move and be physically overactive, being unable to control behavior and the inability to focus on tasks. Having all of these characteristics makes it extremely difficult for children to focus and maintain organization in school.

For children with ADHD, learning the basic concepts that form the building blocks of education can be much more challenging when they cannot sit still or follow complex directions. Providing accommodations or IEPs can help children with ADHD to overcome these obstacles.

Help In The Classroom

Every day, in schools throughout Ohio, children with ADHD are thriving and gathering up all of the information they can. This is often due to the accommodations and support to which they have access in school. Schools must provide students with the assistance that they need in order to learn. You do what you can as a parent, seeking help from professionals for your child, and the schools are required by law to help as well. Our Cleveland education law attorney can work closely with school administrators and teachers on IEPs and 504 plans as needed to aid in protecting your child’s education and future.

Working Together With Parents

Let us partner with you to get your child the support he or she needs in school.

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