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False Assault Accusation Puts Ohio Man in Jail for 28 Days

June 15, 2015 | Written by Dan Margolis

Accusations of violent crime can lead to arrest and lengthy incarceration before the accused has the chance to contest the charges in court. The wheels of justice often turn slowly, even when the claims against the suspect are dubious or outright false.

Thus, an Ohio man spent nearly a month in jail, after a woman accused him of pushing her out of a moving car in January. After determining that the woman’s story was not true, prosecutors officially had the court dismiss assault charges, including one felony count of assault, on June 4.

The accuser initially claimed that the suspect punched her several times and threw her out of a car. However, her story changed several times, and she eventually admitted to authorities that the incident never occurred, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

The judge ruled that the charges cannot be refilled. The suspect’s defense attorney requested that the judge appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the woman’s conduct during the case. The judge told the woman, who attended the hearing, that she could face charges of obstruction of justice and falsification.

The case is now over, but not before the former suspect spent 28 days in jail. After the hearing, the man said he was unhappy having to spend that long behind bars on a false accusation, but added he was relieved the ordeal was finished for himself and his family. He said he did not care if his accuser gets charged with a crime.

Anyone arrested in Ohio should invoke their right to an attorney before answering any questions from the police.

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