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Getting Medical Marijuana Legally Still Illegal, Despite New Law

September 21, 2016 | Written by Dan Margolis

Earlier this month, the use of medical marijuana for specified medical conditions became legal in Ohio. According to Fox News, however, the new law was expedited through the Ohio legislature, so it was not as comprehensive as expected and many details were left out. This has led to some major issues with people being able to get the marijuana that is now legal for them to use.

One of the biggest issues with the new law is the inability to obtain marijuana. The law does not set up legal avenues for the drug to be distributed, and doctors cannot legally prescribe it to patients. There are also no legal dispensaries in the state.

Federal law makes it illegal to grow, sell or use marijuana, so conflicts with federal law are causing many issues. In fact, attorneys are waiting for an amendment that would allow them to work with clients involved in the medical marijuana field, but are currently held back due to ethical concerns. In addition, banks are prohibited through federal law from doing business with any company that sells marijuana.

The Columbus Dispatch also weighed in on the issue of access to legal marijuana, citing an issue when employers are brought into the equation. The law does not protect people from being fired for an employer-mandated drug test showing marijuana use even if the employee did not break the law by using it. The legislation also does not say people have to buy the drug in the state, but, again, federal law comes into play, preventing people from going over the border into a state where medical marijuana is also legal to obtain it. It could take as long as two years to resolve the lingering issues.

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