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Man Who Can’t Use Arms Gets Gun Charge Dropped, 1 Year Later

August 20, 2015 | Written by Dan Margolis

When police and investigators do not pay sufficient attention to context and a suspect’s individual circumstances, unjust and even bizarre criminal charges can result. Though the charges may later be dropped, the suspect may still experience great expense and inconvenience trying to clear his or her name.

A man who was charged with possession of a stolen gun despite being unable to use his arms got the charges against him dropped earlier in August, according to WKEF-TV. The court’s action came about a year after the man was arrested, during which time he spent at least four months in the hospital in protective custody.

The suspect, who was injured in a car accident and may have ALS, was riding in a car that got pulled over on suspicion of running a red light. Officers searched the vehicle and claim they found a stolen handgun and a prescription bottle of codeine. None of the four men inside the car claimed ownership of either item, so prosecutors charged all of them — including the man who cannot possibly use a gun.

In January, one of the defendants pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property. However, it was not until this month that prosecutors finally dropped the charges against the disabled man and the other two defendants.

Back in December, when the defendant’s defense attorney got his bail reduced, the lawyer said the charges “shocks the conscience,” according to a Huffington Post article from that time.

Someone falsely charged with a crime needs the right defense attorney to investigate where the authorities went wrong and fight to get the charges dismissed.

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