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Ohio Man Charged With White Collar Crimes by Federal Authorities

January 28, 2016 | Written by Dan Margolis

Federal authorities believe that an out-of-state couple were possibly scammed by an Ohio area man. White collar crimes such as identity theft as well as wire and mail fraud — charges which he is facing — are often prosecuted at the federal level, although criminal action at the state level is by no means unheard of. An ongoing investigation is trying to determine if anyone else in Ohio was possibly involved in the scheme.

The 23-year-old man is accused of targeting a couple whom he met through a mutual friend. At one point, the couple allowed the defendant to live with them, and he allegedly disclosed that he came from an affluent and wealthy family. The couple then received emails from a person that they believed to be the man’s mother, expressing her gratitude for their generosity in taking him into their home. Those emails also requested personal information in order to send them money.

Authorities suspect that the defendant was the person who was actually sending the emails, through which he might have been able to obtain a considerable amount of personal information. Multiple purchases made with the couple’s credit card information have been possibly linked to the defendant. Aside from stealing and misusing personal information, he has also been accused of convincing the couple to withdraw their retirement savings in order to invest in a fake business. He supposedly then used those funds for personal expenses.

It is not exactly clear what tipped federal investigators off to the possibility of a fraudulent scheme, but the implications of these allegations are considerable. White collar crimes typically involve a significant amount of money and can result in higher or more serious charges. Time spent behind bars because of a conviction can permanently alter the course of a person’s life, making the planning and structuring of a competent defense foundation one of the most important steps for defendants in Ohio to take.

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