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Rehab Programs for Drug Charges in Cleveland

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June 10, 2019 | Written by Dan Margolis

Drug addiction in and around Cleveland is a serious health concern. More and more families are dealing with the fallout, and all too often, those struggling with dependency get caught up in the criminal system, whether for drug possession or selling to support their habit. Unfortunately, going through the standard court system can make situations even worse because punishment has proven to be ineffective at dealing with addiction. What people need is drug treatment, and it can be difficult to know what rehab options are available for those charged with drug crimes.

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Cleveland Drug Court

Since 1998, the Cleveland Municipal Court has offered almost 2,000 drug offenders the opportunity to receive substance abuse treatment instead of punishment. The Cleveland drug court gives you the chance to resolve your drug possession case favorably–and receive the necessary treatment in the process. If you are charged with possession of a controlled substance–even at the fourth or fifth-degree felony level–you may be eligible for drug court as long as you don’t have a prior violent felony conviction, and you can demonstrate that you have a substance dependency. If your case is accepted into drug court, you can spend 12 to 20 months completing one of several rehab programs throughout the Cleveland area.

To hold you accountable, drug court will require you to enter an initial guilty plea. If you fail to complete the program, you will be convicted, and you will need to serve the prescribed criminal sentence. However, if you complete the court’s requirements, your guilty plea will be vacated, the charges against you will be dismissed, and your record will either be sealed or eligible for expungement.

Drug Rehab Programs in Cleveland

Various organizations provide substance abuse treatment in the city, either as outpatient or residential programs. If you need treatment for your chemical dependency, you may contact any of the following rehab programs:

  • The Cleveland Department of Public Health Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse’s (OMHSA)
    11100 Saint Clair Avenue
    Cleveland, OH – 44108
    (216) 664-3891
  • Oriana House Community Corrections and Treatment Center Cleveland (CCTC)
    1829 East 55th Street
    Cleveland, OH – 44103
    (330) 535-8116
  • Community Action Against Addiction
    5209 Euclid Avenue
    Cleveland, OH – 44103
    (216) 881-0765
  • Recovery Resources
    3950 Chester Avenue
    Cleveland, OH – 44114
    (216) 431-4131
  • Community Assessment and Treatment Centers
    8411 Broadway Ave.
    Cleveland, OH – 44105
    (216) 441-0200
  • Community Assessment & Treatment Services (CATS)
    8411 Broadway Ave.
    Cleveland, OH – 44105
  • Circle Health Services
    12201 Euclid Ave
    Cleveland, OH – 44106
    (216) 707-3406
  • Stella Maris Gallagher Outpatient Center
    1302 Washington Avenue
    Cleveland, OH – 44113
    (216) 781-0550

If you are in drug court, you may be assigned to a specific rehab program. Bear in mind that even if you are not in drug court, voluntarily reaching out to one of the substance abuse centers listed above, and willfully submitting to treatment can sometimes have a positive impact on your drug possession case.

New Ohio Law to Make Rehab Programs More Accessible

At The Law Office of Daniel M. Margolis, LLC, we are closely following legislative developments to better assist our clients facing Cleveland drug charges. In March 2019, Senate Bill 3 was introduced to the Ohio legislature. The bill would direct judges to sentence misdemeanor drug possession offenders to a drug treatment program instead of jail time. If a first-time offender successfully completes the program, the judge handling the case would have the discretion of dismissing the charges, enabling the offender to re-enter society without the burden of a criminal record.

While the bill has bipartisan support within the Senate and is likely to pass, SB3 would need to clear the house before being signed by the governor to become law. Until these reforms pass, the opportunity to undergo treatment for substance abuse instead of jail will continue to be restricted to a relatively small number of offenders.

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