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Defending Clients Accused Of Sex Offenses

Online sex crime is currently one of the largest growing segments of sex crimes. These types of crimes involve the use of the internet, computers, and other internet-enabled devices in order to download illegal images and contact individuals for illegal sexual interactions. Our Cleveland sex crime defense attorney at The Law Office of Daniel M. Margolis, LLC has nearly 20 years of legal experience focused on criminal law. We use our extensive skills and knowledge when aggressively defending you against any type of alleged computer sex crime or other sex offense.

Understanding Sting Operations & Investigations

Computer and internet sex crimes are common subjects for government agencies working undercover, especially those involving minors or children. Sting operations, monitoring chat rooms, and other tactics are often used to attract, arrest, and prosecute sex offenders. If you believe that you are under investigation or have reason to suspect a sting operation, it is essential that you consult with a Cleveland sex crime lawyer.

A few examples of computer sex crimes we defend include:

  • Downloading child pornography
  • Emailing child pornography
  • Solicitation of minors for sex
  • Transmitting harmful/sexual images to a minor

Aggressively Protecting Your Reputation

Aside from heavy criminal penalties, computer and internet sex crimes carry a ruinous social stigma. The mere accusation of an offense can tarnish your reputation, cost you your job, and cause neighbors, family, and friends to shun you. Immediately obtaining representation from an experienced Cleveland sex crime defense attorney is vital for protecting your rights and mounting an effective defense.

Enlisting Computer Experts Whenever Needed

In cases involving computer and the internet, it may be necessary to bring in experts in computer forensics. These professionals know how to dig into technology to determine where the images or communications came from. It is important that we can gather as much forensic evidence as possible on your behalf, as hackers can route things through others’ computers, making it seem as though the innocent are guilty.

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