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There are countless ways someone can be charged with fraud in Cleveland and it can happen to almost anyone. It could be a simple misunderstanding or maybe you made a mistake with an account you had access to. But fraud is a serious charge with very real consequences. It’s best to deal with any theft offense the right way and contact an experienced defense attorney.

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What is Considered Fraud in Ohio?

Fraud is defined by Ohio law as knowingly deceiving another person or causing someone to be deceived by any false or misleading representation. Specifically, it is “the intentional representation of important facts.”

Fraud usually revolves around the withholding information, preventing another person from acquiring information, or omitting information that creates, confirms, or perpetuates a false impression of something including law, value, state of mind, etc.

To “defraud” someone according to Ohio Rev. Code 2913 means to knowingly obtain through deceptive means, a benefit for oneself or another, to knowingly cause by deception a detriment to another person. This includes defrauding institutions like banks, credit card companies, government entities, landlords, cable companies, insurance companies, business partners, and more.

Types of Fraud in Ohio

There are many ways a person can be charged with fraud by withholding or misrepresenting information.
Common Ohio Fraud Charges:

  • Check Fraud: One of the most common types of fraud, passing bad checks or forgery involves using false information to cash a check or otherwise attempting to use a check despite knowing there is not enough funds in the account to cover the amount.
  • Insurance Fraud: This type of fraud involves using inflated or false information on insurance claims for financial gain. Insurance fraud can involve significant amounts and are often charged as a felonies.
  • Identity theft – Ohio makes it illegal to use, obtain, or possess any personal identifying information of another person with intent to defraud any person.
  • Credit card fraud – A person commits this offense when they use a credit card that does not belong to them to acquire cash or pay for goods or services without the permission of the cardholder. Credit card fraud could also involve elements of identity theft.

Penalties for Fraud in Ohio

Like other theft charges in Ohio, the penalties for a fraud conviction depend on the circumstances, your prior record, and the value allegedly taken.

Simple fraud, or fraud that results in less than $1,000 in theft, is generally classified as a first-class misdemeanor. Conviction may land you in jail for up to 180 days, restitution, and additional fines. However, the greater the theft, the greater the penalties.

Significant fraud charges will be classified as a felony, carrying much harsher punishments. In addition, fraud automatically becomes a fifth-degree felony when the alleged victim is a senior citizen older than 65, disabled, active military, or if the item acquired by fraud is an Ohio license plate, Ohio state vehicle inspection tag, or credit card.

Ohio lays out felony fraud penalties as follows:

Value of Goods Stolen:Sentence:Max Fines:Classification:
$1,001 – $7,499Six-12 months$2,5000Fifth-degree felony
$7,500 – $149,999Six-18 months$5,000Fourth-degree felony
$150,000 – $749,999Nine-36 months$10,000Third-degree felony
$750,000 – $1.499 milTwo-eight years$15,000Second-degree felony
$1.5 mil or moreThree-11 years$20,000First-degree felony

Defending Against Fraud Charges

A major factor in proving guilt in a fraud case is establishing what you knew or reasonably knew at the time. Therefore, it’s a common defense to claim that you lacked the intent to defraud someone or financially gain from the act in question.

Let a Cleveland Fraud Lawyer Help You

Fraud accusations are serious, but there is a lot an experienced lawyer can do. Depending on the details, your lawyer can help demonstrate that you lacked the necessary intent to commit fraud or highlight that the value taken was lower than what was alleged. You may be able to have the case dismissed, reduced, or lessen the impact on your life.

If you are charged with any type fraud in the Cleveland area, contact a local defense lawyer immediately. As a former Cuyahoga County prosecutor attorney Daniel M. Margolis can walk you through the process, explain all your options, and work to secure the best possible result.

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