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Robbery charges are not to be taken lightly in Cuyahoga County. Robbery is a serious felony and, if convicted, it means a lasting criminal record, prison, fines, and a hard time finding good jobs and other opportunities. It may feel hopeless, but an experienced lawyer can do a lot to improve your case, including having the case dismissed, charges reduced, or negotiating a plea that avoids the harshest outcomes. No matter the details, it’s important to have someone on your side to explain your options and what to expect.

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Types of Robbery Charges

Robbery is sometimes generalized and grouped in with burglary. But Ohio defines it as either aggravated robbery or robbery, depending on the circumstances. All robbery charges are felonies and both are theft-related, while burglary is more of a property crime.


Ohio Rev. Code 2911.02 states a person can be charged with robbery if they have done one of the following while fleeing from, committing or attempting to commit a theft:

  • Have a deadly weapon on their person or under their control,
  • Inflict, attempt to inflict or threaten physical harm on a person, or
  • Use or threaten to use force against a person.

Robbery is a second- degree felony if the offender uses or threatens the immediate use of force. All other types of robbery, except aggravated robbery are felonies of the third degree.

As a first degree felony, aggravated robbery is an escalated form of the crime, outlined in Ohio Rev. Code 2911.01. It involves any of the following while fleeing, committing or attempting a theft:

  • Possession of or control of a deadly weapon, displayed to indicate they have or will use the weapon,
  • Inflict, attempt or threaten serious physical harm on a person, or
  • Have dangerous ordnance or under their control.

It is also considered aggravated robbery if an individual removes or attempts to remove a police officer’s weapon.

Robbery Penalties

When someone is charged with either robbery or aggravated robbery in Ohio, a lot depends on the details and the individual’s prior record. But generally, felonry robbery charges are punished according to their classification:

  • First-degree felony: prison time from three to 11 years and fines up to $20,000.
  • Second-degree felony: prison from two to eight years and fines up to $15,000.
  • Third-degree felony: prison from 12 to 60 months and fines up to $10,000.

Work with a Cleveland Robbery Lawyer

Robbery is a lot more that simply taking property. It is considered a violent property crime, and treated harshly by prosecutors. Your best chance at dealing with the situation properly is to work with an experienced defense attorney with prior success in various types of robbery cases.

As a former prosecutor, Cleveland defense attorney Daniel M. Margolis knows how these cases are built, what it takes to defend against them, and where to find weaknesses. Your decision to consult with a lawyer early may be the difference between a robbery conviction or a dismissal, reduction, or another favorable result.

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