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Visit the Dark Web With Caution

August 10, 2016 | Written by Dan Margolis

Hiding out of sight of most internet users lurks the dark web, a section that is hidden within something called the deep web. Most people have heard of the deep web as it is where anonymous hackers will release secret government files and other sensitive material. According to ZDNet, the dark web is host to many illegal activities as it lets users remain anonymous. Those who run websites in the dark web will often use free Wi-Fi access so they cannot be traced. However, there are risks for those who visit, or buy or sell on these sites in Ohio.

The dark web is best known for being a place where sites can offer illegal goods, including drugs, porn, fake identities, counterfeit money and weapons. Unlike the so-called clear web (sites indexed by Google and other search engines), in order to access the dark web, a user requires a special access method, the most popular of which is known as Tor.

When searching through links in the dark web, users should be cautious as to what sites they visit. According to Guiding Tech, it is common for a link to have a deceptive title or description, so a user might unintentionally end up on sites trading in illicit images of children or even offering human beings up for sale – human trafficking. This could have long-standing repercussions if the user is caught with a history of visiting these sites, even inadvertently.

One helpful tool for users to use to avoid such content is known as The Hidden Wiki, which is basically a directory. This provides a tool for users, especially beginners, to find their way around the dark web, especially the safer sites that provide resources not readily available on the clear web.

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